Vega Strike 0.5.x Tutorials

About Vega Strike

View how to add Vega Strike to your repositories in Ubuntu. Vega Strike is a first-person space trading and combat simulator.
Vega Strike is developed for Windows, Linux and MacOS X.
In the game you're allowed to buy spacecrafts, enter spacestations, land on planetes,
jump to hundreds (and I mean hundreds) differend solarsystems, fighting other spacecrafts or spacestations
and also trade with planetes, spacsestations and other spacecrafts (NPC).
In Vega Strike you can also do differend missions and upgrade your ship as well.
Vega Strike can also be played online but there no running online servers right now.
For mor detailed information visit the Vega Strike Wiki
or the Vega Strike Website

If you want to see some screenshots visit this side: Vega Striek 0.5.1 beta 2 Screenshots

Vega Strike Tutorial 0.5.x Part 1/5 Bewegung in MenĂ¼s [German]

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Vega Strike Tutorial 0.5.x Part 3/5 Mission [German]

Vega Strike Tutorial 0.5.x Part 4/5 Tipps und Tricks [German]

Vega Strike Tutorial 0.5.x Part 5/5 Schiffssteuerung, NavComp und Tractor Beams [German]